GardenKepper is a mobile VR headset game designed and developed for AffittoGiardino. In game the player has to to take care of a garden shooting enemies with a water gatling gun and water ballon launcher and protect it form the evil invaders (mole, acid clouds, exploding mushrooms...) who want to destroy your hard work.

The biggest challenges were the tight time constraints and the fact that the target devices had to be mobile VR headsets. The target devices made it a priority to optimise code and assets and influenced a lot the artstyle (for example, bacause of the limited headset capabilities, we decided to go for a low poly style).

Unity(LDRP) / Visual Studio (C#) / Blender / Substance Painter

Design, UI / UX, Art, Scripting

Oculus Go / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive