Unity's Minimal Icon Pack

Unity asset store

During development of an indie title I was in need of an iconpack, in particular in need of input icons to be mapped to the platforms I was developing for...so I decided to make an assetpack myself.

The assetpack solves two user needs. First the collection of icons, from system to inputs to messaging and so on, allows the user to focus on prototyping and (multiplatform) development without having to create the assets themselves. Second, the assetpack contains a custom editor tool that allows the user to quickly create custom buttons (using the pack icons or custom ones).

The tool allows the user to create style prefabs and apply a single style to multiple buttons to help developers have a product/game with a consistent and easily modifiable artstyle.

Unity / Visual Studio (C#) / Illustrator / Photoshop

Fullstack assetpack and tool development (UI / UX, Art, Scripting)

All unity supported devices (HDRP, LDRP, SRP...)