Tenuta Pordenovo (VR)


"Tenuta pordenovo" is a VR application designed for Retex to promote eco-products. The application allows the user to navigate inside 360° photos and videos and explore the historic Podernovo winery.

The application was developed in Unity with VRTK as the VR framework of choice. The development brought with it some specific UX challenges for VR, for example the way objects interacted with the player when selected and how the curved menu and "popup" were pressed and activated by the player.

The biggest struggle was to make the informations and items details appear organically in the player FOV without being overwelming and annoying. To achieve that a simple VR UI system was designed ad hoc (to make quick changes per client request) and minor changes were made to the VRTK framework.

Unity(VRTK) / Visual Studio (C#) / Blender / Substance Painter

Design, UI / UX, Art, Scripting

Oculus Quest / Oculus Rift