VR Wellness


VR wellness is a mobile VR headset game that provides relaxing environments (3D and 360° videos) and casual games. The application was designed as a tool to relieve stress during medical treatment for kids and young adults.

The biggest challenge when developing the application was to keep in mind panoramic images and textures compression since the target devices were mobile hadsets (with limited capabilities). To streamline the process of creation of 360 images (and videos) we created a Unity tool that allowed to convert cubamap images (in various formats) to panoramic images for a better result.

Although the project never left the prototye phase (for financial reasons) the product was well recived and placed as an "IDEA" Innovation Dream Engeneering finalist.

Unity(VRTK) / Visual Studio (C#) / Blender / Substance Painter

Design, UI / UX, Art, Scripting

Oculus Go / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive